Fox Valley Realty Sign originated in a small two-car garage in Batavia, IL in 2005 when original owner John Kyle started building/installing posts for his wife after seeing the lack of quality workmanship in some of the other sign installation companies around at the time. He originally began using a typical post anchor that you would find at a big box store but later on, seeking to improve on the light duty anchors, he ended up developing the heavy-duty spike that we use today. Soon his once small “hobby” began growing bigger and bigger as customers began to spread the word about Fox Valley Realty Sign’s far superior service and quality. Eventually, it became too large to manage running both the sign company as well as working his regular full- time job so in 2019, current owner Kenny Brossman took over for John and moved the company to a larger shop in Sandwich, IL. Our focus still continues to be providing our customer’s the highest level of quality and attention to detail as when John first started as well as exceptional customer service.