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Are you sick of your posts leaning all the time or your expensive panels getting ripped off and laying in the ditch?

Here at Fox Valley Realty Sign we have solved many of the issues that you may find with other sign installation companies. Check out all of the benefits below!

  • We offer exceptional customer service! You can talk directly to the owner or installer which means no more hassles dealing with large corporations.
  • Our exclusive spike that we use is built to withstand the most severe weather which means your sign/post will remain straight until you are ready for us to remove it. Also, unlike several other companies that dig holes for their posts, our spike eliminates large holes that are left behind after removals which can become dangerous tripping hazards.
  • Unlike the s-clips that some other companies use we provide heavy duty carabiner clips which help prevent your panels from getting ripped off and damaged.
  • We only use solid wood 4×4 posts which hold up much better than metal or vinyl posts. Each post also includes a channel on top to add riders.
  • We give every post a fresh coat of paint during time of install so your sign will be sure to stand out! (Weather Permitting) Post colors include White or Black (Tan or Grey available for Century 21 offices only)
  • We offer a fast turn around time (we typically install/remove the following business day after we receive your request)
  • There are no renewal fees, which mean that you can have your post installed for as long as you need without having to pay extra.
  • We offer free storage of your panels in our warehouse
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In addition to residential sign installation, we also offer commercial installation of 4’X 4’ and 4’x 8’ panels and Riders. Choose between our 4×4 posts with spikes or our heavy-duty U-posts, depending on what best fits your needs. Options also include single or double-sided signs as well as V-Signs.

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Once you no longer need your sign simply contact us for removal. Signs are typically removed within 24 hours. We will remove the post and spike from the ground and ensure there is no damage to the lawn. We will then carefully store your panel in our warehouse until you need it for your next install.

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